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Seeking business development for music 2.0 startup
Name of Idea/Startup:
I am:Entrepreneur
You are:Entrepreneur
Posted on:03/22/2009
We are an early stage company producing enterprise software that automatically describes music. A demo music collection that has been indexed by our software is available at We are looking for a partner with 5+ years experience in business development in the music industry and a strong technical background. You will be responsible for improving our market research and developing and executing our sales strategy.
Looking for partner to come aboard on startup venture
Name of Idea/Startup:
I am:Engineer
You are:Business Person
Posted on:03/23/2009
I'm working on Fragment Sync, which you can find more info about at the site listed above. As Fragment Sync moves from prototype to product, I'm looking to partner with a business person to help grow the user base, software, and business. If Fragment Sync looks like something you might be interested in, send me an email and tell me about yourself, your work, etc. and why you think you'd be an asset to the team. I'm looking for someone who is able to engage users and gather feedback, someone who can galvanize sales and marketing efforts, someone who is capable of taking the lead in funding efforts, and most importantly, someone who understands the power of software and has a desire to push things forward in terms of technical capabilities, design, and user experience.